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The Untapped Power Of Content Marketing

Getting a prospect to trust your brand is perhaps as difficult as getting them to convert. One of the objectives of every business is to get a customer to repeat a purchase, for them to repeat a purchase normally they should like or be satisfied by the product or service. ‘Trust’ allows them to make the initial purchase, while ‘loyalty’ allows them to make a repeat purchase, the best kind of customers are loyal customers because they don’t only rate a brand’s product or service higher than its competitors, but they also engage in ‘third-party marketing’, whether consciously or unconsciously. Third-party marketing is a form of marketing, whereby traders or customers are not directly linked to a specific brand, advertises or markets set the brand’s products or services, this form of marketing can help build the trust of the public in respect to a brand. There are various online and offline marketing strategies that could bring about customer’s trust and loyalty, one strategy that is underrated, yet relatively easy to use, effective and also economical is ‘content marketing. 

When people hear content marketing, what usually comes to their mind is the marketing of various written, visual and graphical contents across the internet. This ideology is partially correct, content marketing cuts deeper than only marketing content, it is an online marketing strategy that involves the creation of various contents such as; graphics, visuals and written content on various online platforms like; websites, social media channels, blogs, vlogs emails and so on, not only for generating awareness of certain products or services, but also to gain the trust of prospects. The aims of content marketing are to provide relevant information to prospects and also market a brand’s products or services directly or indirectly. If a brand just creates and posts content about their products or services, this may throw customers off, they may feel it is just an advertisement in disguise. But, if said brand creates content that provides relevant information relating to their field of specialization, this could spark the interest of prospects, most people are always interested in things they can gain from. Gradually using this strategy, brands can start to get prospects to buy into the idea or message they are trying to pass across to them, before they know it, they already have an idea of what the products or services are all about before they even purchase them. For instance, a coffee-making company could adopt content marketing into its online marketing strategy, by creating different content emphasising how important it is for employees, workers, professionals etc. to be active to be effective at work or how dizziness could delay work progress, contents like these tells prospects the importance of coffee without even directly marketing their products. Contents created using this strategy have to be unique, educative, diverse, interesting, easy to understand and most importantly able to keep the readers or viewers invested in them or wanting more. 

People sometimes misinterpret content creation as content marketing, this error is understandable, content marketing is a broader scope of content creation. This strategy is very versatile and can be integrated into other online marketing strategies such as; email marketing, SEO(search engine optimization) and even social media marketing, when utilized effectively, it will build the trust of a brand in the eyes of its customers because the customers will feel they gain more than just the products or services of a particular brand, and it will also be evident that the brand has the customers best interest at heart.

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