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Over the past few days, the guy’s have started to join the SMAN (Stingy men association of Nigeria) movement, they are creating association identity cards for themselves and officially joining the association online or on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and also TikTok. The movement has been around for a while, but it took an official name and stand when Don Jazzy a Nigerian entrepreneur, music producer, and CEO of Mavis records declared himself as an official member and president about four days ago. He posted his membership status on his Social media handles, presenting his membership ID card, created a logo for the association, made some t-shirts, and finally initiated some celebrities as the association’s new members. He also went further to declare the Motto for the association which is “I will see what I can do” after the Motto was formed some group of guys revised it to “I no get Shishi” and “I know say I be bad person”.

Stingy Men Association is a movement for guys most especially bachelor’s, it’s primary motive as it may seem is to curb the rate at which guys spend on ladies. Guy’s over the years have had a series of discussions and online trends on how expensive maintaining a relationship is. They say ladies nowadays are not ready to date a guy who is not ready to spend a lot on them, buying them gifts and paying their bills. According to some guys, before you can get a girl to accept your date invitation, you would have to come to pick her up and if you don’t have a car, you would have to pay for a taxi or Uber, you would have to take her to a high-class restaurant or location and fit all the expensive bills on your own and if she accepts to be your girlfriend, you will have to pay some or all of her monthly expenses such as; fixing her nails, her hair, her house rent, electricity bills, internet subscription and so on. This trend even leads to the now-famous catchphrase “am I your father?”.

The formation of the SMAN has led to the formation of other associations such as; ‘nice men association’, lavish men association’, it also led some group of women to react to the movement, by forming ‘stingy women association’, an association formed with the aim of not giving Stingy men what they want. In the course of this frenzy, some comedians and online content creators have jumped on this trend by making some YouTube videos to showcase the comedic side of the movement, such content creators are; Mr macaroni, who partnered with Don Jazzy to make a video, MC Edopikin, Fm Bazar, kpresh TV, and many others. Some celebrities like Dj Neptune, Mr. Eazi, and Praiz have also publicly announced themselves as proud members of the SMAN.

written by: Mr. Titilope Agbaje (+234 705 364 6828)

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