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How To Drastically Improve Your Chances To Win The DV Lottery

Good to have you here.

Among many things you need to put in place before you play the DV lottery, your picture (of not older than six months) and your passport are some of the most important.

You should be at least 18 years of age or 17 years old but done with HIGHSCHOOL.

Below is a link to make a token payment/donation of USD10.

Having the right professionals help you fill the application will better your chances of winning the lottery.

After payments, a form would be sent to your email. Fill the form as accurate as possible and leave the rest to us.

Please note that multiple entries will automatically be disqualified. If you don’t want our team to help you fill the DV lottery application, just send your raw picture, we will only edit the picture to the DV lottery standard and send it back to you… so you can apply yourself.

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