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Free Tutorial: How To Create A Website Using WordPress

Have you ever wondered how a functional website is made?

Do you want to learn and understand this IT skill?

Do you plan to be a blogger or desire to understand how one profits from blogging?

Do you want your own E-Commerce store?

Do you want a business website?

Or you just love the many dynamics of the web and the internet?

Feel free to join us from Thursday the 1st of July 2021 by 11 am.  Friday the 2nd of July 2021 by 11 am and Saturday the 3rd of July 2021.

venue: virtual via zoom

Meeting ID: 847 6860 0259
Passcode: 0988791

for more info pls contact +2340868802201. ( Whatsapp, SMS, call.)


it is totally free.

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