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We are a new-media company with a wide experience in using new media technology to promote positive ideas and fulfill market visions of our numerous clients.

Our Story

With the steady need for media professionals in content creation, video editing, online ads management, and more… the desire to meet this need not just as a solution provider but also as a training firm brought us here.

We grew from experience and training to the present level in the industry, and we are not slowing down.

About Our Company

We are a global company with HQ in Lagos Nigeria. We handle all digital media management and promotions on all major networks.

Professional video productions and more.

We also help in the online registration for the USA DV visa application, and we help to better your chances in the application.



With clients from all major cities in the world… we have been able to build a relationship on trust, reliability, responsibility, and professionalism.

Real Engagement

Real Engagement

Many play out of the books and some never meet set targets but we always play by the books and we have never fallen short of targets.

Unique Stories

Unique Stories

Too many to put on pen and paper.. i trial will convince you.

Our Achievements

Multiple award winner on the use of Social Media.

social media

Always being human
separate the channels
focus on the clients
crunching the numbers
scout the competition
team work
strategically strategic

digital marketing

brand definition
building buyers persona
creating S.M.A.R.T goals


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